Wednesday, March 12, 2014

New videos and recipes!

I've uploaded a couple of great videos and recipes lately and I'd like to tell you about them.

Pizza For Two originally started out as a video to teach kids how to make pizza, but as I began the process, I realized that adults would be necessary to guide the children and what I was really doing was just making a real simple, straight forward small quantity of pizza. I tried using all purpose flour, because I always get asked about bread flour being necessary to make pizza dough. Since these pizzas are just stretched right on the sheet pan, I felt that all purpose flour would work sufficiently well. Truth is that the pizzas that I made with all purpose flour were OK, but the dough was very sticky and difficult to knead and when that happens, people get frustrated and start to add too much flour to the dough. So...I recommend bread flour, if you can get it. The surprising thing to me was, that I used to always make a large batch of traditional pizza dough, but I fell in love with my new quick method and find myself using it all of the time.  Hope it becomes your favorite as well!

Another recent video upload and recipe is Olive Rosemary Bread With Sea Salt. This bread was inspired by my many visits to the Wegman's (Dewitt, NY) bakery, where I would buy their olive bread and rosemary olive oil loaf.  Mine sort of combines the two. Their breads are great, but you can make these beautiful loaves at home for a fraction of the cost. Saving money is not the main reason that I make homemade breads, though. It's a beautiful thing to pull your crackling olive bread loaves out of the oven, tear (or cut) off a piece and dunk it in some peppered extra virgin olive oil! This recipe and technique is a little more advanced than the Pizza For Two above, but it's worth the effort! Please share your results with me and others on facebook. Happy Baking!

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