Monday, December 16, 2013

European Vacation: Polish Hot Chocolate, Oh My Goodness!

During our stay in Krakow last summer, we had the pleasure of visiting the E. Wedel cafe in the Galeria Krakowska. This visit had special meaning to my son (above), because he had an indelible memory of their superb hot chocolate from a visit to Warsaw as a teenager.

Of course, I needed to be able to replicate this fantastic hot chocolate.  I did some experimenting at home and the results were quite good. Click here for my Polish Hot Chocolate recipe and video.

We had the opportunity to serve this delicious chocolate beverage for Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute's annual Candlelight Tours of the Victorian Yuletide exhibition in the Fountain Elms period rooms.
Biscotti and Polish Hot Chocolate served after the Candlelight Tour
Inside the E. Wedel cafe looking out on the Galeria Mall in Krakow.

Server in the cafe

Cabinet of chocolate goodies!

As served: E. Wedel's chocolate masterpiece!

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