Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our European Vacation - Part I: Sweden

This past summer, my husband, our two adult sons and I went to Europe together for a vacation that I never quite thought we could pull off - but we did and it was wonderful!  It was the vacation of my dreams, even though we spent most of our time walking and eating with a little shopping in between. I'd like to share with you some of my food related experiences - just little things that we noticed during our travels to Malmo (Sweden), Copenhagen (Denmark) Krakow (Poland) and Vienna (Austria).
To begin: Our Air Canada flight lands in Copenhagen and we take the Oresundtrain (or Øresundståg) to Malmo, Sweden. The train is new and clean and on time! Below is the Öresund Bridge linking Sweden and Denmark. Years ago, when we took this trip, you had to go by ferry or speed boat to get across!
One thing that struck me as we shopped and ate in Sweden was the variety and quantity of cheeses available. The hotel we stayed at served a lovely breakfast buffet...

(Let me just say that the pic below is not what I selected from the buffet)

... with a wonderful selection of cheeses. The breads everywhere were also very good, but maybe I'll be nice and not talk about those mouth injuring crackery flat breads that are sold in great quantity at the Maxi Supermarket that we often visited.

Here are a few pictures of the amazing selection of cheeses in Maxi (right near where we stayed). Not only did the selection blow my mind, but some of the package sizes seemed incredibly large for non-commercial use!

More vacation stories to come!

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