Friday, August 24, 2012

Brotforms and my No-Knead Pizza Dough!

Dough in the brotforms

After baking

Finished product!

I finally purchased a couple of brotforms (or bannetons) to experiment with. They are rather expensive (mine were $18.99 and $20.99), but they do serve the purpose of providing structure for a rather soft dough allowing it to hold its shape as it undergoes its final proof. As a bonus, you get the pretty ridges formed by the flour dusted into the form before placing the dough inside.

I used my No-Knead pizza dough recipe the first time I used these and the results were pretty good. Follow the recipe to Step 8, but instead of putting the formed dough on the counter to rise, generously flour the brotform and place the dough inside and cover with a plastic sheet. This recipe will yield two breads (just like it yields two pizzas). After the dough has risen in the brotforms,  gently release it (upside down) onto a floured peel and place on the 425 F preheated stone. If you don't have a pizza stone, please see my article and video,  No Pizza Stone, No Problem!  Baking with steam can help too. Click here for info.

Happy Baking!

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