Monday, August 18, 2008

Cooking classes to begin soon

The Fall 2008 semester of Susan's Cooking School will be starting soon.

Here is the list of classes.

Class 1: ASIAN FLAVOR- October 7 Experience the fresh and delicate flavors of the orient. Light and crispy wontons with a marvelous and versatile plum sauce, tender jasmine rice, tangy
sesame-carrot salad and a zesty apricot glazed chicken breast.

Class 2: AUTUMN FEAST- October 14 We’ll start with a beet and spinach salad topped with
balsamic vinaigrette and toasted walnuts. Then comes the main course of roast pork loin, fresh pear-cranberry chutney, and dill roasted root vegetables. An elegant apricot glazed apple tart will complete the feast.

Class 3: SOUP AND BREAD No. 1- October 28 Fragrant rosemary-olive oil bread made with sea salt and fresh rosemary leaves will be prepared in addition to a savory Hungarian chicken soup with homemade pinch noodles. We’ll also make some rich and chewy chocolate crackle cookies for dessert.

Class 4: HUNTER’S STEW (Bigos) & RYE BREAD- November 11 This incredible meat and vegetable stew will be prepared by guest instructor, Dariusz Sady. Although the name suggests game meats, this version of Hunter’s Stew is prepared with fresh beef, pork, kielbasa, sauerkraut, fresh vegetables and other savory ingredients. In addition, Susan will prepare a crusty old world sour rye bread to accompany this traditional Polish dish.

Class 5: MEMORIES OF POLONAISE No. 2- November 18 After requests too numerous to count, we are finally sharing our secret potato pancake recipe. This formula is the result of years of experimentation to create the perfect, crispy delicious potato delight. We will also prepare some other Polonaise favorites; chicken Polonaise, grilled zucchini, and apple-plum cobbler.

Class 6: A HOLIDAY DINNER- December 2 A great meal for any special occasion, with a dessert that is just incredible. Chicken breast with a shallot/marsala sauce, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and honey glazed carrots. For the grand finale, a delicate strawberry cream torte. This layered delicacy will take some effort, but what a worthwhile endeavor!

Contact me if you have any questions about these classes or cooking/baking questions in general.

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